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@Seescahu 19:00 
Evening YOGA

Sign up for your next yoga class here:

19:00 - 20:30

This class can be reserved and booked via the Seeschau. 
If you want to participate online, you can book the class directly here.

participation in the studio

Wednesdays, 19:00-20:30

90-minute class in the Seeschau studio in Erlenbach. A nightly Embodied Flow™ inspired yoga flow class. Strengthening and cleansing. 


90 mins

50.- CHF DropIn (1x)
45.- CHF regular subscription (10x)
35.- CHF trial subscription (10x/one time)
5.- CHF discovery subscription (10 days)

Participate online via Zoom

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Sign up, then you will receive the access data and can participate immediately.



With a subscription of 10 (200.- CHF)

  • With single booking (21.- CHF)

  • Book online and pay online Subscription Manage online. (credit card, PayPal)

Click on "Book Now" and in the next step choose your class and your payment. If you already have a subscription, you can select it as a payment method. Thanks very much.


All levels.

The yoga classes are designed in such a way that everyone can participate, even with little yoga experience.  At the same time, I offer a variety of variations that also meet the demands of experienced yogis and yoginis.


We also offer the following in private sessions:

  • breath work

  • Private yoga

  • Thai yoga massages

  • energywork

We would also be happy to come to you. Book an appointment with us directly:


Derya: +41 76 529 16 36
Andy: +41 76 379 23 58

Online participation:
Drop in class for CHF 21, valid for 3 months in a subscription of 10 for CHF 200.
Payment cash/card/twin.



Participation in the studio:
Drop in class for see price models of the Seeschau
Payment Cash/Twin.

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