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The offer of my yoga classes combines the fundamental principles of Hatha Yoga with the wide range of layers, forms and possibilities of Embodied Flow™ and Vinyasa Yoga.  

The yoga class consists of a guided flow and at the same time offers space to follow inner impulses in the flow and in the asana.

It is an intensive, powerful and at the same time playful style with variants for all yoga levels and the personal shape of the day.

Embodied Flow™ classes are inspired by BodyMind Centring techniques, spiral dynamics, Laban/Bartenieff movement research and follow the principles of classical yoga such as Hatha, Kundalini, Tantra or Anusara Yoga.



I believe that we have all the magic, wisdom and knowledge within us to be our best version of ourselves and activate our self-healing process. I therefore dedicate my work to creating a container that supports you in activating and reaching your inner teacher. 

Embodied Flow™ Inspired,  Hatha and vinyasa 
YOGA - Classes and Zoom Stream