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Yogandy Yoga


Yogandy Yoga

Embodied Flow™ Inspired, Hatha and Vinjasa 

Embodied Flow™ Inspired,  Hatha and vinyasa

YOGA & Pranayama

Find your own expression in each asana, arrive in your own field of possibilities and experience yoga as a form of giving your body a space of expression.

Whether in public yoga classes

or in your private class , on your terms, at your time and at your own pace - follow your inner wisdom.

About style, demands, level and techniques

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Embodied Flow™ inspired

Somatic Movement Therapy

Discover the healing powers within you and the basic trust in you to solve, align and transform imbalance, pain and especially embodied trauma.  

Various techniques are combined in this unique body work.  

They all unfold individually in this moment for you and your body.

You can find out more about techniques here.

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Mindfulness Practice - Breathwork

Mindfulness practices really let you arrive in the here and now. They are tools for everyday life in order to face great strain, excessive demands, stress and overstimulation with self-confidence and mindfulness and with equanimity.  

Children, adults, leaders, craftsmen, athletes, LGBTQ people, prison inmates, police officers, therapists, people with high stress - for all of us there are concrete ways to stop thought carousels.

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