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Somatic Movement Therapy

Inspired by Embodied Flow™, somatic movement therapy aims to create flow throughout the body from within your own body potential.


The therapist supports the process of self-healing and self-relaxation by activating the channels in the cellular, muscular, fascial, organic, fluid, energetic and mental structures and functions.


Arrive. Breathe.


The therapy is structured similar to a conversation and its content always shows itself in the moment in which it happens.  

This makes different ways possible to enter into a dialogue with your body.

The variety of techniques results from the situation right now. It can contain different things:

  • Thai yoga massage

  • yoga

  • free and authentic movement techniques

  • Dance therapy approaches

  • breathing techniques

  • meditation techniques


Our behavioral patterns encompass a multitude of facets that may seem complex to understand.

Yet it is easy when we acknowledge that they originate in our life experiences and that we have stored them in our minds and bodies in our own unique way.


This leads to our individual way of communicating, moving or expressing ourselves.

During the course of the therapy sessions, we explore our stores and become aware of what is there and let go of the parts that no longer support our self-realization at that moment.


Become freer to make choices, let go of stress-related behaviors, develop deeper compassion and more ease, and experience relationships with yourself and your environment with clarity.


Why for you?

There is only one you, and that you is connected to everything around you and to every particle in the universe.  

If you are reading this, it already shows that you are self-aware and compassionate with yourself.

This therapy is free from dogmatic teachings, because ultimately you are the teacher or therapist.

Together we want to give your inner teacher space to express yourself and give healing.

Therefore we use movement, touch, awareness and dialogue to open new avenues of flow and clarity.


  • Become free to make other choices.

  • Release stress-induced behaviors

  • Develop deeper compassion and ease

  • Experience the personal meaning of relationships

  • Get more clarity

  • Let go of old patterns

  • let go of pain

  • Support places of flow in you


The therapy can be used as an adjunct to any other physical or psychological therapy you are currently attending.

This therapy does not replace a doctor and is not based on  medical education.

Booking & Location & Pricing

Please book directly here using this form , through me either by email or by phone +41763792358


Possible locations:

  • individually plannable in the greater Zurich area

  • at your home, in the office, at work, your hotel or in these studios:

  • @Cosmic Flow™, 8002 Zurich

  • @Yoganation, 8008 Zurich

  • @Seeschau, 8703 Erlenbach



Time: can be planned individually


Conditions: according to agreement and requirement, otherwise to these conditions


Payment: EC/credit card, Twint or cash on site

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