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Mindful Practices

I believe that in the ability to truly listen lies the great power of acknowledging what is here and now and being able to live and resonate without judgment or bias.

Be it emotions, words, energies, sounds or thoughts - they are all reflections and expressions of what made us who we are. Mindfulness practice creates this awareness of non-judgmental appreciation.


The Practices

Mindful practices consist of different approaches to the specific person, group or situation.  

Some parts are:

  • body scanning

  • meditation

  • breath work

  • empathy training

  • Relationship Exercises

  • chanting

and others

to increase awareness of oneself and the environment, the body, the mind and also the space of silence.

For Whom?

  • Children and Teens as class groups or individuals

  • Parents

  • Work Space Colleagues

  • Teachers in Schools

  • Imprisoned Humans

  • couples

  • Management and C Level


There is a clear focus on people who experience stress, the pressure to perform, distraction, aggression, fear or isolation. 

The Sessions

The session or the sequencing of the sessions are always designed to the specific needs, environment or circumstances. Either in dialogue with the individual or with the representative, we structure and plan a supporting framework.  

The sessions are normally designed for 15,30 or 60 minutes and can include meditation, sounding or movement exercises.


  • stress reduction

  • aggression reduction

  • empathy

  • Compassion and Self Compassion

  • Focus and avoidance of self-distraction

  • regeneration

  • reintegration

  • Awareness and Self-Awareness

Conditions & Location


  • at your specific place in the greater area of Zurich



  • We will find a timeslot that suits you and your peer best. Please contact me simply for an individual plan (+41763792358)

  • Duration (15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes)


  • upon individual offer


  • at location

  • Cards: EC/Credit Card

  • Cash

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