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YOGANDY YOGA a brand of The BodyMind System

HR number: CHE-444.434.593

Andreas Joachim Bartneck

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Photos & Art Work: Andreas J. Bartneck, Derya Kara,, Embodied Flow (Eric Rabana), Kaija Marx



Certain elements on this page come from licensed sources.

Here is the naming as part of the license agreement.


Icons partially made by Freepik  from  is licensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0  


My deepest thanks and gratitude  goes to my teachers:


Tara Judelle

dr Scott Lyons

Stephanie Zimmerman

Adrian Wirth

Chris Chavez

Peter Rousel

Marc Holzman

Manuela Pivarelli



To my unique family, friends, and supporters. 

Incredible when you realize how long this list of loving people is... wow so many beautiful names, and far too many to note all of them. Thank you all. NAMASTE!

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